Designing spaces that combine your lifestyle with your desire for a beautiful living environment.




Do you know what you want but can’t quite pull it all together? I provide "design therapy" sessions. Take me on a tour of your home and we can discuss ideas to get you on the right path. Typically one to two hours, these meetings can be enough for someone who wants to take the reins on the rest of the project.


Renovations and New Builds

From initial consultation to final client approval, I will see your project through from "soup to nuts"! As a designer with an extensive network in the Valley, I am able to get the highest quality materials, finishes and furnishings to fit every budget.



To create a fresh look, we can "tszuj" your home by rearranging and relocating existing décor. You’d be surprised what a big change you can make by shopping in your own home. Think about what’s in your attic or storage unit. These changes are low cost but high impact!

Cooking in a beautiful room makes the food taste better.


My Design Philosophy

 Some people love to cook and some hate to cook. However, kitchens should always be efficient, functional and fabulous. There are many things to consider when designing a kitchen; do you need a kitchen table and/or bar seating? Is your family large or small? Do you like to entertain? Your answers to these questions and about one hundred more will determine which materials, finishes and appliances you need to accommodate your lifestyle. Bon Appetit, y’all!


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The best conversations start at the dinner table.


My Design Philosophy

 The dining room is a perfect place to gather friends and family to celebrate life. The table should accommodate as many people as possible. Lighting should set the mood with an eye catching light fixture. Chairs should be supportive yet comfortable and table décor should have an inviting focal point. Your guests will refuse to leave even after dessert.



Relax, Renew, Recharge.


My Design Philosophy

Bedrooms must be soothing and comfortable. Good color choices often make the difference in a good night’s sleep. For example, painting your bedroom wall fire engine red would not lend itself to rest and relaxation. Bedding materials should be soft to the touch, inviting and luxurious. Flooring should be plush and window treatments should have blackout lining. Your bedroom should be an oasis.    


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Good hygiene is everything


My Design Philosophy

Bathrooms should have a beautiful aesthetic with decorative tile and sparkling plumbing fixtures. There should be an ample counter space, a roomy shower and electrical outlets should be hidden behind closed storage. (This way your unsightly electric toothbrush can be hidden away.) Sometimes a tub may not be necessary if that is not part of your routine. Bathrooms should always be functional but that doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous.


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A place to be creative, find inspiration and get things DONE.


My Design Philosophy

A home office should be somewhere you want to go. It should be organized and away from the fray. There should be great storage, a large workspace and ways to minimize unsightly wires from electronics. Space planning is critical as often this is a smaller room. Depending on your needs, comfortable seating for guests and clients is something to consider. Clocking out is going to be difficult here!



When the weather is right, live outside.


My Design Philosophy

Everything you do inside can be done outside. Lounging, cooking, dining, playing, TV watching and entertaining. Creating areas on your patios both covered and uncovered, allows you to carry on these activities. There are ways to create warmth during the winter and cool during the summer. Outdoor furnishings and fabrics along with great french doors and glass wall systems make it easy to blend interiors and exteriors. Margaritas, anyone?

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